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Copyright 2020 Partners WIne Marketing Group Inc.. 

The Partners Wine Marketing Group, Inc. is a small, focused national wine marketing and consulting company specializing in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of organizational, operational, and national marketing plans for family-owned wineries from around the world in partnership with fine wine distributors in the U.S.

       The company was formed in 1994 to address the marketing and sales needs of smaller wine producers from all over the world in a dramatically changing industry.

      Identifying exciting niche opportunities that exist in the national wholesale environment for lesser-known wine-growing areas throughout the world, and the people, microclimate, history, dedication, and quality in these areas, the company has focused on wines from "off the beaten track"; interesting and "undiscovered" areas.

       With our office in New Orleans, Louisiana,Partners Wine Marketing Group, Inc. provides full-service consulting and marketing on a multi-faceted approach, according to the needs of the winery and distributor.


    The company provides key strategies for winery organization, operations, and national wholesale sales and marketing plans.
                  Mission Statement


To effectively, tastefully, and professionally
   direct and promote a quality collection of family
wineries from the United States and the world;
     To represent a diverse portfolio of area wineries
whose owners are passionate about their craft,
committed to their region, and who are proud of their
involvement with the industry and its people;
        To enthusiastically and effectively promote and educate  
the consumer, retailer, restaurateur, and wine
wholesaler on the quality, history, and uniqueness of
the wines and their regions;
        To be sure education and pleasure go hand in hand.



The Partners Wine Marketing Group, Inc.
is a Louisiana corporation founded in 1994
and owned by Jack Jelenko.

Banking Services provided by
Capital One Bank, New Orleans, Louisiana
Legal services provided by
George Angelus, LLC,
New Orleans, Louisiana
Importing services provided by
USA Wines West, Sausalito, CA
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